US CDC okays fully-vaccinated citizens to gather without a mask and visit relatives

American citizens who have been fully vaccinated can now gather without masks. The CDC has said this new term will happen before month-end.

Fully vaccinated aged US citizens can move without mask soon

US citizens who have received both jabs of vaccines may start gathering with other vaccinated people in their neighborhood. The Federal agency said in its new policy recently released. 'We are aware that more people want to be vaccinated, so they can live their normal lives, we assure them that this will soon come to pass.' Director Rochelle Walensky stated.

The health agency says very soon normal gatherings would soon be allowed, but nose covers may still be worn in special situations. Dr. Rochelle, an appointee of President Biden, removes his nose cover from his mask, and he was speaking to news reporters. The new policy states individuals in a household who have a low risk of COVID-19 may converge. A good example of this policy is'' Vaccinated elderly may visit their unvaccinated siblings without social distancing or nose covers. However, all the visitors must not be at risk for severe coronavirus complications. 

US vaccination process is a huge success 

However, for now, vaccinated people are still advised to keep wearing nose covers, engage in social distancing, and other safety measures. The vaccination procedure in the US has been a huge success as many aged people and those with underlying sickness have been given a jab. The President has insisted that all elderly will likely be vaccinated before July. 

Moreover, there are still skeptics especially in the black and Asian communities who are not keen to get the vaccines for reasons best known to them. It isn't clear when lockdown will be eased in the United States, however some states like Texas and Mississippi have lifted lockdown and made nose covers optional.

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