International - Senegal's opposition leader charged with rape offense

Senegal's opposition leader charged with rape offense

An opposition leader in Senegal has been charged with rape. However, he was released on bail as protests rocked several cities.  Senegal's opposition leader in rape charges The protest in Senegal has continued after security forces charge government critics Ousmane Sonko with rape. After days of demonstrations which are bloody, he has been released on bail. According to his legal counsel, Etienne Ddione 'Ousmane is going home.'  Mr. Sonok, 45, has been accused of sexually assaulting a lady working in a fashion salon.  However, Mr. Ousmane has said the case is politically created to prevent him from entering elections in 2024. During the last presidential polls, he came a distant third acquiring 17% of the total votes. During the case proceedings, there were various protests outside the...