‘Tis the Season for White Silence

Thousands of university and college students across the nation are preparing to enjoy time off of campus, returning back to their childhood homes. Many first-year students are already spending time with loved ones, while graduate students are eager to get away from biased examinations, substandard housing, and unethical institutions and practices –all stressors that plague the health and well being of students of color semesterly.

Several days in advance of ‘Thanksgiving’, Eastern Michigan University Students Published the Black Student 10-Point Plan, Harvard Law Students Campaigned for Removal of Slavery Seal, Georgetown Students Successfully Get University To Change Its Racist Legacy, and Fifty Colleges and Universities have Released Campus Demands (re: unethical practices!), and still white silence reigns. Will a week (or nine days) away from campus encourage university and college provosts, regents, and community involvement directors to implement the student-driven demands? Or will white silence reign on campus for another century?

As a college drop out, it’s important for me to publicly (hence this e-mail) support students of color who currently are trying to navigate though undergraduate coursework. As a resident in a town near a predominately white university, it’s important that I share content related to maladministration in City Hall and in the Reagent’s Chamber. As people question and ponder about radical, in-your-face, politically charged movements and slogans (e.g., Black Lives Matter, Keep Ypsi Black, Own Your Blackness), children and men and women and queers of color suffer from structural and systemic oppression.

If you haven’t already, follow the hashtag Black Student 10, read the Black Student 10-Point Plan, and help local university students (and residents) hold leadership on campus (and off campus) responsible.