How to increase your IQ ?

For every living person, IQ is necessary for good thinking. It is the most important element that enables us to do our various activities well. So taking care of it so that it increases is the need of every person. In this article you will find some tips on how to improve your IQ. 

Do physical activities regularly

IQ is the result of a series of tests on the brain. Short for intelligence quotient, it is the result recorded in a textbook after a series of tests. Through these tests, our brain responds spontaneously to different problems. Is important to view it now.

Indeed, increasing the capacity of one's IQ is important to have a good intelligence. Increasing it requires regular physical activity. By walking, running, doing yoga and swimming every day you increase your blood oxygen level which strengthens your muscles and brains. And the more physical activity you engage in as you age, the higher your IQ. In addition, physical activities allow the creation of new neurons which will facilitate your reflexes of transmission and reception of information. It should also be added that these neurons are larger and have longer dendrites. Thanks to these new neurons, the connection between other neurons in the brain is better and improves spatial memory. You should also know that as soon as you start doing sports the effects are immediate in the brain.

Regular meditation 

Indeed, regular meditation helps to increase IQ. Thus, your meditation can last 10 to 15 minutes. By doing so you increase your ability to concentrate. It also allows your memory to be patient and to have a great relaxation. By doing meditation you facilitate your brain to rest. Regular meditation will allow you to breathe more cleanly which will make it easier for you to touch all parts of your body which will allow it to feed the brain with what it needs.