How to have pure water at home?

Water is of paramount importance in our daily lives. To fulfill its functions properly, it must be drinkable. Many systems, tricks, and means allow to have pure water at home. Let's take a closer look at the different possibilities available to you.
Install a water filter upstream
The installation of an upstream water filter is a method that uses purification systems such as carbon, chlorine, phosphate, etc. To get enough information about the purification mechanisms you can visit Indeed, the said method allows you to obtain pure water directly from the tap. So you can install the purifier under the kitchen faucet.
However, note that upstream water purifiers are expensive. Also, because of the purification systems used, traces may remain in the water.

Use a tap filter
The tap filter, unlike the upstream filter, is installed on the tap. Its role is to retain the waste in the water even if the lime scale is not completely filtered out. The filter used in this case can be for example a cartridge. The tap filter is a very simple method to use and does not require a large financial investment. However, it requires regular maintenance to ensure that the water always tastes good.
The tap purifier can be installed in the kitchen as well as in the bathroom. It should be mentioned that it is very easy to install.

Use water softeners
The water softener allows to filter the water while regulating the quantity of limestone. This way, the water obtained can be consumed without any danger. There are different types of water softeners. One uses resin while the other uses carbon dioxide. The resin softener requires regular maintenance, which is not the case for the C02 softener.
Many water purification methods such as carafe filters, osmosis machines, chemical purifiers, and drinking water purifiers are also used.