How to find the owner of a found dog ?

It may be rare, but sometimes a stray dog is found. The first questions one asks is, where did he leave and where is he going? To answer these questions, you have to look for the owner. There are several ways to find the owner of a found dog. Discover these ways through the reading of this article.

Check for identification

on the dog Most dog owners put at least one piece of identification on their pet. Then check to see if the pet has anything that can identify it to its owner. This could be a tag or collar that the owner has put on the pet's neck. You can see it over here. It can also be a tube address with the owner's contact details. Some dog owners prefer to tattoo their pet as a sign of recognition. In the latter case, you will have to check the dog's ears, or one of its thighs. However, you should check everywhere on the body. If the tattoo is not very legible, you should get a professional to decipher it. But if the dog is not identifiable by any physical clues, it may well have a microchip in its body. In this case, go to a veterinarian for a background check. This professional will be able to get the contact details of the dog's owner.

Making an announcement

Before you go to make an announcement that you have found a dog, first check to see if there are any lost dog announcements. Look through the wanted ads to see if the owner has made one. Because when you lose your dog, you put out a wanted poster. If you have not found a wanted poster for the animal you have found, you can now place your ad. Beware of false owners. If the dog you found has no markings on its body, be careful in the announcement you make. Find at least one wound or hair loss in an area of his body. This is to say that the advert should contain a clue that will prevent false owners from claiming ownership of the dog.