George Floyd alleged killer's trial shifted

The trial of the cop who was fingered in the death of Floyd George has been postponed. The judge pushed the trial to be postponed after a motion was moved. 

Derek Chauvin trial shifted for additional charges 

The trial of the officer at the storm of the Black Lives Matter, Derek Chauvin has been suspended temporarily. The date for the trial has been moved to Tuesday due to the considerations about adding other charges. A greater Court has ordered that certain adjustments should be made to the charge before the trial begins. 

It was planned to be held on Monday so that jurors can look into the charges of murder and manslaughter brought by prosecutors. Peter Cahill, the judge in charge of the case, shifted it for about three weeks so that reputable juries can be selected. The case is a national issue, so finding reputable juries is sacrosanct. 

Prosecutors to include third-degree murder charges 

However, a Minnesota court has mandated that the judge should allow the prosecutor to include third-degree murder. The accused lawyer, Eric Nelson said they are going to contest the decision at the Supreme Court. This could take weeks if not months, which could complicate the ruling. Prosecuting counsels has pleaded with the court to suspend jury selection so that all outstanding issues could be solved.

“We know how important this case is and are not trying delay tactics, we just want everything to be settled before trial” Assistant attorney Mathew Frank stated. 

The fear from the prosecutors is that Chauvin's legal team might appeal to juries selected if all outstanding issues weren't settled. However, the judge has refused till suspension and said the trial will commence on Tuesday. The counsels are now seeking the help of the appeal court to wade into the matter so that it could be resolved quickly. The case is widely followed by many, to see the climax of the trial.