ACAB: Recruitment + Hiring

Law Enforcement Violence Perpetuates Dominator Culture Rooted in Imperialism

Becoming a public safety professional responsible for law enforcement isn’t difficult. The screening process empowers trainees to enforce societal standards, yet ignores the psychological and phisiological wellness of each participant.

Policing standards rooted in white supremacist ideology exposes trainees to a literacy test, physical examination, and moral character conduct screening.

In Washtenaw Country, deputies, etc. are required to accumulate the 594 hours over 17-20 weeks of training (totaling $7,000). MCOLES training curriculum:

Investigation, 115 hours
Patrol Procedures, 65 hours
Detention and Prosecution, 15 hours
Police Skill-building, 265 hours
Administrative Skill-building, 31 hours

Frontline deputies are first responders, yet lack crisis intervention training. Across the United States mental health and interpersonal interactions are neglected. With a staff of 420, the WCSO operates on a 50 million dollar budget (half of the County’s budget). Unless we reimagine public safety, the 400 beds in the correction division will be the resting place for residents and infrequent passerby.

Washtenaw County has one of the highest recidivism rates in the state of Michigan. Black identified men and women are the economic drivers for WCSO. The state of Michigan constitution is need of a major overhaul. The varied pipelines to WCSO beds indicates that Michigan is a carceral state.

On average, doctors spend 40,000 hours training, most Yogis spend 2,000 hours training, university students are required to amass up to 1000 of pre-teaching hour training. Why do we trust police officers to sustain public safety when they are undertrained?

Last updated on Wednesday, December 26, 2018.