Affiliate marketing and network marketing: what are the differences?

Looking for the difference between the concepts of network marketing and affiliate marketing? It's easy to understand. The two marketing systems are more the same as different. Find out the difference between the two marketing systems.

Affiliate marketing: what is it?

First of all, it's marketing like any other, but with the specificity of paying an affiliate based on his performance. If you want to know more, check this link right here now . Indeed, affiliate marketing is often done around a product. People get paid by selling items from a merchant in which they have a rate that is set. They are paid according to the rates in each product purchased. This is a technique used most of the time by e-commerce stores. It is excellent since the funds are transferred to the affiliate only after the delivery of the product they have sold. Participating in affiliate marketing is very simple. All you need is a product to sell or a product to promote and you can get started.

Network marketing: what is it?

Network marketing is a commercial technique based on a network of distributors. In this type of marketing, there are levels and steps to go through. In general, it is a direct sales method involving salespeople who form a distribution network for products and services. This system is characterized by direct sales and multi-level marketing (MLM). It is as developed as affiliate marketing.


Differences between affiliate marketing and network marketing 

The difference between the two marketing methods is very small. Therefore, they have more similarities than differences. However, the difference between the two can be defined as follows: affiliate marketing allows you to make commissions for helping a merchant sell their product while network marketing shows an inverted funnel structure. It is a little more complicated than affiliate marketing.