The Keep Ypsi Black 5-year Plan

On this landing page (below) you will notice the KYB 5-year plan and notes. Feel free to update us with your concerns, questions, thoughts, etc., here + here!

We’re sharing this information with you only to inspire you take action in your community and to nudge you forward as you consider how to best resist imperialism and counter dominator culture on a local level. 5-year plan:

Year One (Nov. 2015-Nov. 2016)

  • Research
    • Gender, Culture and Representation
    • Black disenfranchisement
    • Women’s Studies
  • Initiate Conservation Effort to
    • Archive, document, acquire media and content highlighting Black Life in Ypsilanti Proper and Ypsilanti Township (1827-Present)
    • Celebrate POC, especially Black Liberation advocators
    • Devote energies towards establishing partnerships

Year Two (Nov. 2016-Nov. 2017)

  • Curate 4-6 events, Special Projects, Etc.
  • Prepare notes and data for future publications
  • Review Year One, update and edit online content

Year Three (Nov. 2017-Nov. 2018)

  • Influence legislation, public opinion, public art scene
    • Design program(s) that provide POC (and non-POC) with a broader perspective of systems and issues impacting local, regional, national, international, global, interplanetary, and everyday life
  • Provide POC (and non-POC) in Washtenaw County a forum and network for sharing ideas
  • Provide POC (and non-POC) an opportunity to understand issues of major consequence to the communities local coalitions serve. And foster community among people with common values/interests and responsibilities

Year Four (Nov. 2018-Nov. 2019)

  • Propose a number of reforms*
    • *social, institutional (YPD/EMU/), and educational (YCS/AAPD)
  • Network, for the exchange of ideas, fellowship, and information / best practices
  • Establish new strategic goals

Year Five (Nov. 2019-Nov. 2020)

  • Enter the Library of Congress permanent web archives
  • Host a Community Summit on Gender, Culture, and Representation
  • Curate 2-3 events, Special Projects

The KYB Media Kit