The Keep Ypsi Black Book Club


The Keep Ypsi Black Book Club is a series of pop-up gatherings that are designed to aggregate creative activity at the Black Stone Bookstore and Cultural Center in Ypsilanti, MI.

Participants will be encouraged to explore gender, culture, and representation themes. And recognize existing talent, beauty, materials, + communities of color through active participation and the handling of publications edited, written, or published by black creatives. The Black Stone Bookstore offers titles for sale and rotates a strong collection of literature, art, and goods.

Participants will read select books in advance, and then participate in a facilitated discussion about the literature. Book review and discussion sessions are scheduled for May, July, September, and November, 2017. The sessions will run from 4:30-6pm on the first Fridays of said months.

The Keep Ypsi Black Media Kit: Learn more about the Keep Ypsi Black 5-year plan!

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