A Conversation in The GRDN w/ Flwr.Chld

Summer 2016 // Image Credit: @ShotbySpecs

flwr.chld, 21, is the frontman of The GRDN, and co-founder of flwr.cana –an interactive multimedia project.

flwr.chld + The GRDN is scheduled to perform at Mittenfest XI on Friday, December 30, 2016. MfXI Details: http://mittenfest.org.

Q. Where did you study music?

A. Everywhere, learning doesn’t require four walls, actually it would be more beneficial if the walls didn’t exist.

Q. What inspires your work?

A. Whatever environment I’m in and the reality my mind determines within it.

Q. What inspires you?

A. The idea of infinity, basically there’s a bigger existence to every layer and form of life. So, living within the limits of the world’s constrictions and definition becomes arbitrary after a while, ya know(?).

Q. How did you get the mindset to pass the vibes?

A. I was for real just tired of being involved in creative events that had no intentions of speaking about the experiences that stems from the raw energy to create in the first place. (Yeah) It’s cool to curate beauty out of pain, but, let’s work on healing pain also, for real.

Q. Are you most interested in collaborating with anyone in particular in 2017?

A. Obviously Keep Ypsi Black, Anthony Morgan, and Ashanti Africana are the collectives and individuals that I am hella hype to continue working with in 2017. But, also, Milo –it’s dope growing more respect for his work ethic every time he’s dropping dimes.

And The GRDN. I feel that my understanding in music is growing with those guys, so, Im taking in a lot to continue with my understanding and perspective.

What’s got me in the most anticipation is collaborating with artists in Toledo, OH. And spreading more ideas and thoughts throughout the space between the Maumee River (in Toledo, OH) to the Huron River (in Ypsilanti, MI).

I feel it’s time that Toledo makes an imprint, and showcase its culture.

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