White Women Weaponize Black Men Against Black Women

This is not at all to take away any accountability from the Black men who also willingly perpetuate this misogynoir.

Black men allow this, and should be held fully responsible. I am also not condemning interracial dating.

This is just to briefly address the white women who continue to get away with weaponizing Black men, and interracial dating against Black women.

It is not uncommon to witness white women in interracial relationships with Black men. And those Black men often have terribly problematic views about Black women.

That Black women are “too dark,” “too angry,” “too hostile,” “not feminine enough,” “too strong willed,” “nappy headed,” “ugly,” and their biggest complaint is that Black women won’t submit to them.

In comparison, white women are supposedly “trophy wives,” “beautiful,” “classy,” “agreeable,” “feminine,” “docile,” and they make better partners.

Many of these interracial relationships are built only with the intention to spite Black women.

This is why in most cases when you ask a Black man why he only dates white women, his answer will be a series of reasons that he hates Black women.

When you ask a white woman why she only dates Black men, she will probably give a thoughtless answer such as “I just gotta have my chocolate!”

Because a lot of these white women simply see interracial dating as an opportunity to live out their fetish that includes being exalted over Black women while also feeling they’re doing something “exotic.”

Much of the “bonding” that takes place between white women and Black men is a mutual disdain for Black women.

White women process this experience as one where they can compete with Black women. They believe that the ultimate validation for them is to have men who share a race with Black women tell them that they are superior.

Many white women are intimidated by certain unique characteristics that are attributed to Black women. Like Black women’s hair, fashion sense, variety of skin tones, body types, creative culture, distinct facial features (such as plump lips), rhythm, youthful appearance, and diversity.

White women are used to being uplifted as the standard woman by society, but this unearned pedestal has made them fragile.

So any perceived threat to their privilege bothers them.

Interracial relationships serve as a crutch for any insecurities these white women develop when comparing themselves to Black women.

Black men, who are conditioned to be full of racialized sexism, see interracial dating as an extra way to further denigrate Black women. They take it as an opportunity to “prove” to Black women that they are incompetent. They also falsely believe that being with White women is a jab at the power of white men. However; this is untrue since Black men acquire no power by being with white women nor do white men lose any.

When a Black woman is arguing with a white woman, it is certainly not unusual to hear a white woman respond saying, “This is why Black men don’t want you!”

When a Black woman is out minding her business and an interracial couple walks past her, she can expect to see that white woman either attempt to make her and her Black boyfriend noticed by the Black woman or the white woman will possessively drag her boyfriend away.

Their union is often rooted in misogynoir.

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