Community Reimagined: 100 Day Campaign


CTN Studios, Fall 2016

D’Real R. Graham ran a creative write-in campaign for Washtenaw County Prosecutor, for one hundred days (July 25-November 8, 2016) to bring attention to all that office does and does not do.

As a few RAW reports have laid out, current Prosecutor Brian Mackie (longtime Democratic incumbent) is cozy with law enforcement (mis)conduct, and rubberstamps their killings of civilians with regularity.

In addition to encouraging Washtenaw County residents and visitors to participate in the 2016 Election, D’Real worked in concert with the Reimagine Community Campaign Committee to highlight the functionality of the County Prosecutor Office and its impact on public safety (and law enforcement and mass incarceration).

The Reimagine Community Campaign Committee’s approach to equity + justice*:

  • rejects the 21st century post-racial myth, which claims that by acknowledging race and ethnicity, we promote racism and xenophobia; it instead embraces the value of acknowledging the discriminatory impact that certain seemingly race-neutral policies can have on immigrants and communities of color;
  • believes that documenting this disparate impact and the ongoing role of discrimination provides a platform for others to question the legitimacy of structures that limit access to democracy, justice, education, and the economy;
  • recognizes the enduring power of language, image, media, the arts, and public opinion to combat or perpetuate discrimination against immigrants and people of color in the United States and across the globe; and
  • prioritizes the dismantling of structures that perpetuate discrimination and limit access over the targeting of individual actors who engage in discrimination.

The Reimagine Community Campaign Committee Highlights:

50 + one-on-one reimagine community meetings
1 podcast interview (Intentional Grounding)
1 am radio interview (The Saturday Six Pack)
1 fm radio interview (WCBN w/ Silas Green)
1 televised debate (CTN Studios)
3 meet the candidate nights
1 Q&A
3 voter registration drives
4 candidate forums
1 daily newspaper interview (Michigan Daily)
1 monthly newspaper interview (Ann Arbor Observer)
1 film screening (13Th)
3 black cinema + open mic nights
1 web site
1 twitter
1 instagram
1 facebook
1 primary election (300+ write-in votes)
1 drg4p sticker
10+ drg4p t-shirts
1 drg4p half-sheet
1 drg4p quater-sheet
1 declaration of intent (letter)
1 bio (letter)
1 resume (letter)
1 open letter re: qualifications
1 campaign schedule (online)
1 campaign e-mail
1 exploratory committee meeting
5+ campaign committee check-ins
1 bar-b-que
1 free skate
1 dance party
1 live show
1 exploratory meeting re: impeaching Brian Mackie
1 e-mail announcing candidacy to City, Township, Village, etc. officials across Washtenaw County
1 follow-up e-mail re: scheduling a meeting with residents, visitors, workers, students, etc.
5+ Thank you for participating e-mails
5+ Friendly reminder e-mails re: event details
1 Community Reimagined Election Party

Next Step: Impeach Brian Mackie.

*Approach inspired by the Open Society Foundation.