Abuse of Power: It’s Costing Us Our Lives

My people, please trust me when I tell you, we’ve spelled it out for white America a hundred different ways that their beloved police forces, all over this nation, are abounding with officers who are simply more volatile, fearful and prone to harassment and abuse of power when dealing with us – and it’s costing us our lives.

We’ve laid out all the statistics and all of our millions of personal testimonies and we have made it amply clear that, while the subject of police brutality, as a sensationalized national discussion covered by mainstream media, is a relatively new phenomenon, it is an issue as old our involuntary occupation of this country.

With all of this information readily available and reiterated ad nauseam, it’s beyond ridiculous that the simple words ‘black lives matter’ require any added explanation at all. And yet, here we are coming up with a dozen analogies trying to, even further, simplify it.

[Photo description: A series of screen shots of news programs in which two-four people are depicted on screen discussing racial matters. In all of the screens, the black people present have looks of boredom, confusion, or exasperation on their faces.]

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