Reimagine Community w/ D’Real R. Graham

Born 1987, Ann Arbor.

Image Courtesy of Chin-Azzaro Studio (Ypsilanti, MI)

“Looking in ways in which [we] can engage with life on a societal and political level with emphasis on participation, and community engagement.” – Claire B.

D’Real R. Graham is a community-oriented designer working in social practice and public forms, including public-interest design. D’Real has received appointments from the City of Ypsilanti, the Ypsilanti Area Jaycees, Shape Ypsilanti, the Office of the Vice President at Washtenaw Community College, and the Ypsilanti Heritage Festival. He has received field-work experience at the Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, the Bird Center of Washtenaw County, the University of Michigan Children’s Center, and Bright Horizons, Inc. Selected profiles of his work have appeared in The Ann, Concentrate, On Loneliness, and KYB. He is a former Community-Police Relations Task Force sub-committee member focused on incentivizing residency for first responders, and an advisor at Radical Washtenaw. He was the 2016 Key Note Speaker at the Holmes Elementary Graduation Ceremony, and the host of the Fall 2014 Ypsi Lives: Sharing Our Stories at Eastern Michigan University, and the recipient of the 2012 Community Service Award (Bright Horizons, Inc.). He has collaborated with the Ozone Drop-in Center, Ypsilanti Community Schools, the Bowery Mission, and First Fridays Ypsilanti. He has studied Early Childhood Education, Misconduct in Municipality Government (Law Enforcement and Corrections), in addition to Gender, Culture and Representation. He is a former Program Manager at 826michigan.

Places I’ve Studied: Eastern Michigan University, Washtenaw Community College, ZingTrain

Current Areas Of Interest: Securing healing spaces (on campus, within municipality government, and law enforcement), evaluating the functionality of elected official positions, ultimately to connect us to each other through art and dialogue

Blogs I’ve Copyedited For: Radical Washtenaw, Keep Ypsi Black

Places I’ve Taught Classes: Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum, University of Michigan, Henry Ford Kids, Water Street Commons

Places I’ve Led Workshops: Compuware, Ypsilanti District Library, 826michigan

Places I’ve Volunteered: Ypsilanti Community Schools (Committee for Early Childhood Education, Committee for Co-curricular Activities), Bird Center of Washtenaw County

Former Board Member Of: Ypsilanti Area Jaycees, Growing Hope

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