NAACP: Advancing White Supremacy

[Editor’s Note: The content below highlights a failed attempt to keep bureaucrats happy.]

Fire Chief Max Anthouard, Police Chief Tony A. DeGiusti, and City Manager Ralph Lange were honored by the local chapter of the NAACP (November 2014). Upon research and interviews with residents, the NAACP Ypsilanti/Willow Run branch was prompted to recognize these three public officials as Distinguished, Humanitarian Civil Rights Founders Award recipients “for the work they have done to move Ypsilanti proper from failure to being on the road to success,” said President Shoshana DeMaria.

City Manager, Ralph A. Lange, received the NAACP W.E.B. Du Bois Civil Rights Humanitarian Freedom Fighter Award for making significant impact by bringing change and empowerment to the community. DeMaria stated, “In 2012, I sat in the interview process for the hiring of the city manager, and recall thinking that’s a man on a mission.” Now after over two and a half years of service to Ypsilanti proper, Mr. Lange is indeed a man on a mission to save this community from bankruptcy, crime, and foreclosures.

Mr. Lange is honest, hardworking, accessible, and a great listener who is wise beyond his years.

These words have been spoken by several citizens of Ypsilanti. I am very proud that he is Ypsilanti’s City Manager because it gives us hope that the city is reviving. Lange stated, “It is an honor to be recognized by the NAACP for the work we are doing in Ypsilanti proper. I am very proud of the city’s accomplishments over the past couple of years and humbled that our efforts are being recognized. I am excited for all of the great things happening in Ypsilanti and appreciative of the NAACP and great citizens of this community for bearing with us through the great recession. On behalf of the entire staff, thank you all so much for your support.”

Police Chief Tony A. DeGiusti received the NAACP Civil Rights Moorefield Storey Presidents Award for excellent leadership in the community and being an advocate against civil rights violations. Chief DeGiusti took over after former Chief, Amy Walker, retired last September. Mr. Langes hiring of DeGiusti solidified his mission and vision for the city. Chief DeGiusti has brought confidence and trust in policing the City of Ypsilanti. Crimes seem to be down and police officers are more people friendly. “That brings hope to the City of Ypsilanti,” said Vice President Lee Tooson. Chief DeGiusti stated, “I am grateful to have received this award, but the real credit is due to the Officers of the Ypsilanti Police Department. It is their hard work, character and commitment to the fair and equal treatment of all that is deserving of recognition.”

The Fire Department was also recognized by the NAACP for its increased community involvement and fire safety education at schools, with residents, apartment complexes, and neighborhood watch groups. Max Anthouard, who was appointed as fire chief in 2013, received the NAACP Civil Rights George Henry White Medal of Honor and the Presidential Physical Fitness Award.

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