YPD: Your Police Department

[Editor’s Note: City Manager, Ralph Lange, City Attorney, John M. Barr, Mayor, Amanda M. Edmonds, Mayor Pro Tem, Lois Richardson, Councilwoman, Nicole Brown, Councilwoman, Anne Brown, Councilman, Dan Voght, Councilman, Peter Murdock, Councilman, Brian Robb, and Human Relations Commissioner, Jennifer Symanns, JD, were present at today’s City Council Meeting.]

A proactive council, by now, could find a way to support the protection–rather than prosecution and erasure–of Black lives. Proactive isn’t the word that we would use to describe the council, here in this Hall. (1)

Tuesday, April 19, 2016 –an Ypsilanti-based family participated in the public participation segment of the today’s City Council meeting. Excerpts of their testimony is available below as audio files. This landing page serves as evidence that the Ypsilanti Police Department regularly abuses its powers and frequently ignores their call to protect and serve poc. (This landing page is in progress.)

Dog Attacks Ypsilanti Youth

The Dog Should Be in the Shelter

Our Police Station is Closed Right Now

White Out: Erasure of Police Brutality


No city councilmember, city officer or employee of the city shall interfere with the ordinary course of law enforcement within the city… (2)

After listening to the above audio, you may now better understand why concerned citizens of Ypsilanti are one-by-one beginning to withdraw their confidence in the leadership at City Hall, specifically Ralph Lange.

  1. Remarks to Council, Dec. 15, 2015
  2. Remarks to Council, 8/18/15

Audio provided courtesy of The N-word, Inc.