Intentional Grounding

Where We Get to the Bottom of Things on Purpose

The three two-minute digital audio files recorded in Ypsilanti, MI on Thursday, April 14, 2016 is the first installment of Intentional Grounding, a podcast designed to encourage #whtppl to prioritize sourcing media generated by Black folk.

An Example of a Podcast, Part 1

The Root Cause, Part 2

Depth, Politics + Perception, Part 3


At Radical Washtenaw, intentional grounding (stylized: IntntnlGrding) is violation of the establishment rules where “people of color generate direct, immediate content with the sole purpose to counter white supremacist rhetoric and influences.” This typically happens when a person of color about to dump an idea passes the idea toward another person of color with access to platforms.

Anthony Morgan, IG host + co-founder of RAW —a collective of activists and artists in Washtenaw, MI. When not in the Michigan Avenue Ypsilanti District library leading songwriting workshops, he enjoys creating art, sounds, and writing with his daughters and O.J., The Cat.

Melvin J. Rhoden, IG host + injured and orphaned animal wildlife rehabilitator headquartered in Ypsilanti proper.

D’Real Graham, IG host + hashtag designer.