11 Radical Viola Davis Quotes

Viola Davis interviews with Sway Calloway, on February 25, 2016. Here are a few quotes:

At the end of the day, you’ve got to teach people how to see you.

We know as women of color that we come in all shapes and sizes; we do all kinds of things with our hair. And we are vast, we’re complicated, and sometimes I don’t see even a minuscule part of who we are on screen.

It’s time for people to start writing for us.

It’s not the Oscars, it’s the Hollywood movie making system. You can have three thousand academy members who are black, but if you only have two films out that have people of color what good is it?

You need people who are in positions of power to green light movies that has us in them.

Listen, we’ve to step up to the plate too. We have to see movies like Selma, movies like Dope, movies like Beast of No Nation.

What if you had talent and nobody told you that you’re any good?

95% of actors are unemployed at any give time.

Less than 1% of actors make fifty grand or more.

Kerry Washington was the first Black woman on a network show in a leading role since Diahann Carroll.

You’ve to step into your power as a women of color, or African American, or Black, or as just an actor.