The Best and Worst from Us in the Name of Good


The Price of Persistence; the Cost of Validation

Revolutionary Notes by Anthony Morgan

We humans allow ourselves to believe that revenge is justifiable based on the injustices that have been heaped upon a person, group, or country. In this idea of “getting even” or “settling a score” there manifests an unnerving energy of “the right” to or entitlement to take revenge. I have an understating of fairness and equity. However, lessons that are learned from restraint, grace, and mercy are far deeper and longer lasting than the almost knee jerk reaction to commit actions of escalation.

People tend to choose sides with limited information, yet with great passions and emotions that sway attention and energy.

It appears that even when intentions are seemingly positive, there lies a mechanism of coarse energy lurking that looks to multiply and subdue in grand force in the name of something (for the lack of a better term), “good.”

Humans want conflict. It’s almost as if we somehow need it to affirm the push that we ourselves wish to give. The “good” do get together, rally, protest, do actions, push the limits, enforce the principle, and lay their butts on the line. However, not nearly as long, as often, as recklessly, as immediately as the opposing forces, or “bad,” if you will. It takes a nano-second for collective assholes to get “like-minded,” spirited, and with the willingness and time to create havoc at a moment’s notice. It takes “the good guys” a little more time to get the facts straight and the fuel burning to go on an offensive with the same intensity and lack of strategy as “the bad guys.” When it comes to revenge, once they get moving the good guys will blow your ass away in the name of redemption. They need that push to get them off the edge to do what was necessary all along: take evil out.

Am I wrong?

The good can do evil acts in the name of good, but not nearly as fast as they can or should be done; while evil runs rampant and pushes the agenda as far as it can go until good gets the nerve to put a final end to it. This is the eternal, historical, and present day quarrel between the just and unjust, the righteous and the wicked, conservatives and liberals, you and me and the rest of the world.

In the name of what do you do your actions? A religion? A framework of understanding? A familial concept?

An organizational chart? I hope whatever your actions are, that they be timely, focused, and in full faith of the intention to do what’s necessary in the present moment.

(Thank you.)