Melissa Lozada-Oliva

The women in my family are bitches.

Cranky bitches, stuck up bitches, Customer Service bitches, turn sour bitches.
Can I help you bitches? Next in line bitches.
I like this purse ’cause it makes me look mean bitches,
Can you take a picture of my outfit for me, get the heals in, bitches.
I always wear heals to la fiesta, and I never take them off bitches.
All men will kill you bitches, all men will leave you anyway bitches.

You better text me when you get home okay bitches.
Pray before the plane takes off bitches,
Pray before the baby comes bitches,
She has my eyes, my big mouth, and my fight bitches.
Sing to the scabs on her knees when she falls down bitches,
Give Abuelita bendiciones bitches,
It’s okay not to be liked bitches.
On their own until infinity bitches, the vengeful, violent, pissed, pressed, and polished bitches.
Lipstick stained on an envelope, I’ll be damned if I comply bitches, the:

What did you call us?

What did you say to us?

What’s that kind of love called again?