Fuck the Police (Rally and Pique-Nique)


***Logistical Support (provided by): the National Lawyers Guild (Detroit), Radical Washtenaw, and Ann Arbor Alliance for Black Lives.***


Fuck the Police (Rally and Pique-Nique) Social Media Toolkit (No Longer Available for Download)

Fuck the Police (Rally and Pique-Nique) Parameters (No Longer Available for Download)

In solidarity with the international Black Lives Matter movement, local activists will gather in the Virgin Mary Courtyard near the intersection of N. Hamilton and W. Cross to stand against state violence and police brutality.

  • Rally at the Ugly Mug Cafe, 5:00-5:15
  • Moment of Silence at the Virgin Mary Courtyard, 5:15-5:25
  • Moment of Healing at the Virgin Mary Courtyard, 5:25-5:35
  • Reading of “Kids Who Die,” 5:35-5:45
  • Origins of “Fuck the Police,” 5:45-6:00
  • Pique-Nique at the Virgin Mary Courtyard, 6:00-7:00
  • N.W.A and J. Dilla tribute, 6:15-6:30
  • State of Local Law Enforcement (Discussion), 6:30-6:45
  • Direct Action, 6:45-7:00

Aura Rosser, a 40-year-old Black woman and mother of three, was fatally shot in the head and chest by an Ann Arbor Police Department officer on November 9, 2014. Washtenaw County Prosecutor Brian Mackie declined to indict the officer. In response, local activists made their own analysis (http://radicalwashtenaw.org/2015/04/02/296/) of the investigation materials released to the public and are calling for an ongoing community discussion of the case. Meanwhile, the ACLU of Michigan recommended a statewide system of independent prosecutors for cases of homicide committed by police (aclumich.org/AuraRosser).

Disclaimer: the goal of Friday’s event is to stand in solidarity with other concerned citizens against state violence and police brutality.

(Please direct rogue law enforcement agents, and detractors to National Lawyers Guild (NLG) Observers.)