Self-Imposed Gag Order


The Price of Persistence; the Cost of Validation

Revolutionary Notes by Anthony Morgan

Regardless of how much people have heard me speak or have read my writings, at this point in my life I only add what I have been compelled to add. I have no glory to reach beyond the ultimate goal of information sharing in hopes of creating further dialogue and, in turn, avenues for critical thinking, solutions, and progressive change. I know the power of words and their ability to sway, destroy, empower, fulfill, and/or build greater capacity. I am never at a loss for words, though I choose not to express all that I can or everything that I think, feel, or believe because it’s not necessary.

After hearing, seeing, and reading the responses to my words I have come to realize the power and responsibility lies not only in the words of the speaker, but in the translation of the hearer. However, there are words that need to be said. There are voices that need to be heard. There are perspectives that are meant to be shared. There are revelations that are sanctioned to be delivered. My words are no more important than yours. My vocabulary is not colorful, nor extensive. My moods or frames of thinking are not elaborate or indestructible. My only true aim is to offer the collective understandings, principles, techniques, and outlooks that aid another in “piecing it together,” so please forgive me in advance if you believe that is arrogant or out of place. Nevertheless, even that opinion cannot douse the flame of the desire for liberty that runs through my black veins. There are a multitude of ways to disrupt or interfere with the functions of an unjust system, just as there are various ways to build platforms that are the antithesis of the injustices that people face. I have rallied, protested, petitioned, and civilly disobeyed. I have been jailed, interrogated, intimidated, surveyed, and pressed by different bodies that appear to be at work to attempt to humiliate and depreciate me, and to silence my heart, thoughts, actions, and most of all my will to inspire. This will forever be the fire of change; the ability to move souls into action based on righteous or just principle. I will never be silent. I will never allow the people’s will to be stagnant. I will speak truth for those who may not be able to hear its ring. I will speak even though the fact remains that many people are hard of hearing.

There is a Surgeon’s General Warning on the side of every pack of smokes that offers very necessary information to consumers empowering them with overall and unwavering choice. For it is choice to which people believe that we have an ultimate “right.” To be “in the know” is the most consistently difficult thing to do or be because there are simply too many issues, topics, and critical pieces of information to be known, yet so little time to actually invest for practical change in the present. Change is merely the alteration of something, someone, someplace, or some thought. This can and does happen on many seen and unseen levels with individuals, groups, or organizations that focus energy and effort on particular issues and injustices. That justify, quantify, or measure their resources, planning, research, and actions. There remains a framework for humans that has existed within many settings, timescales, collective understandings, and undertakings that if masses of people are informed, engaged, and actively pushing for almost whatever goal is sought, obtaining the objective is at its greatest probability.

To not understand, and yet try to share insight can be accidentally deceiving or a disease. To have perspective and not share can be internally grueling and/or criminal at best. Is there a greater price to pay for knowing and accepting the full weight of particular information, or for not having gained it? Are my feelings or perspective toward an issue, injustice, or object of wrath greater in importance than the opportunity for another to gain a better outlook and self-discovery about the eternal struggles, missions, and movements—if I move myself out of the way? The true revolutionary is a mere vessel that disperses and combusts truth to the people for the betterment of self, society at large, and people everywhere as a way to revolt against oppression, control, and domination in the name of peace and love as primary purpose.

The end.