3 Reasons Why You Should Help Keep Ypsi Black


Residents of Ypsilanti identifying as African American/Black alone has reduced by 3% since 2000:

Today, 27% of residents residing in Ypsilanti proper identify as African American/Black*. A rate higher than the five other cities in Washtenaw County (Ann Arbor: 8%, Chelsea: 0.4%, Dexter: 1.1%, Milan: 2.8%, Saline: 1.4%) combined. 13% of residents in Washtenaw County identifies as African American or Black alone. The lack of African Americans/Black residents and residents of color will make it difficult for the local University, Health System,  For-profits, and Non-profits to attract a diverse range of expertise.

*Although African-Americans constitute only 13 percent of Washtenaw County’s population, they represent more than 50 percent of the county’s prison inmates.


We are a collective of local artists and activists, the more our work develops, the more we will need you:

With your help and perspective, we can support initiatives focused on attracting and retaining residents of color. And aid in the struggle against the increasing economic segregation in this county; offer love and protection to the downtrodden; be in the streets; post art, sounds, and writing by ourselves as well as by anyone who moves this movement; expose abuse when we learn of it; and erode white ignorance about Black Life and its many plights.


You won’t be alone. Collectives across the nation are working together to retain, engage, and support people of color. List of collectives promoting social equity: