Keep Ypsi Black: Do it yourself, Ypsi

“Urging an organization to be inclusive is not an attack. It’s progress.” –DeShanne Stokes

Affluent organizations lacking diverse and inclusive leadership:

  • Ypsilanti Convention and Visitors Bureau
    • Staff Size: 8; 100% identify as White
  • DIYpsi Indie Art Fair
    • Staff Size: 4; 100% identify as White
  • First Fridays Ypsilanti
    • Staff Size: 3; 100% identify as White
  • City of Ypsilanti/City Hall
    • Staff Size: 30; percentage of people of color TBD
  • Ypsilanti Police Department
    • Staff Size: 37; Five officers identify as African American/Black
  • Ypsilanti Downtown Development Authority
    • Board of Directors: 10; Two YDDA directors identify as African American/Black
  • Ypsilanti Area Jaycees
    • Board of Directors: 7; 71% identify as White
  • EMU Board of Regents
    • Number of Regents: 8; 1 EMU Regent identifies as African American/Black
  • Ypsilanti Music & Art Guild
    • Staff Size: TBD

In order to address these biases throughout the recruitment and [onboarding] process, organizations should take stock of critical points in recruitment:

  1. Assess the diversity of applicants submitting resumes for various positions within the organization to determine if current recruitment outlets are attracting a racially diverse pool of applicants;
  2. Examine the diversity of candidates selected for the interview process to assess whether there may be implicit biases in the resume screening process that limit the number of diverse candidates being considered for positions;
  3. Examine the diversity of candidates that receive job offers to assess whether there are implicit biases in the interview process that limits the number of diverse candidates that are given job offers.

Identifying the point(s) in the hiring process where an organization is failing to recruit or select diverse candidates is a critical first step to developing more inclusive strategies and processes, and in turn, better equipping the organization to accelerate social change.

The hiring process is just one of several points in the talent pipeline where [organizations] are failing to attract, retain, and advance people of color.

In future blog posts, we will further explore our findings on the role that leadership commitment to diversity plays in attracting people of color, and factors that hinder the advancement of people of color to leadership positions in [Ypsilanti and Washtenaw County].


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