Banking Authority in Europe affected by Microsoft hack

The European banking authority has been affected by the hacking done on Microsoft servers. Several servers on Microsoft were done by Hafnium. 

Bank of Europe Bank experiences a data breach 

The European Banking Authority servers have been breached in an international Microsoft cyber hacking phenomenon. The Agency has stated that private information is likely to have been accessed from outside sources. 

The commission had to go offline to know the extent of the damage. 'We feel bad about this incidence, and we are working to know the extent of the breach.' 'EBA stated. The. Microsoft Exchange servers have been widely used by top firms around the continent but very few companies have said they had been attacked. Washington has issued a statement warning that the breach was' very real ''.  

'' All firms using these Microsoft servers need to do a personal evaluation to determine if they have been affected or not'' Press secretary to the White House said.

Hafnium, a China-basses tech criminal accused of data hacking 

Microsoft has pointed accusing fingers at an Asian hacking group known as Hafnium. The group is based in China, however, the Chinese group has denied any wrongdoing. The security council in America has said that all affected organizations should take active steps to prevent a further breach.

The US has faced similar hacks before, with the Solar winds' situation. But Washington insisted the situation was different from the Microsoft problems. The Solar winds breach was a Russian-sponsored crime to steal state secrets, while the Hafnium situation was very unclear.

It remains unclear how many US firms have been breached and how far they have gone; security experts warn that this may be a systemic attack. Jack Blair of Harold's security agency has insisted that these may not be the only Hafnium works and many smaller cybercriminals may have taken advantage of the leaks to do further damage.

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